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Farmhouse Coffee Tables Dining Room Decor

Rustic furniture is known for its simplistic beauty. Created from wood that is unfinished or that has a rough finish, rustic furniture is treasured by those who love a country theme.

Rustic furniture includes beautiful coffee tables, dining tables and chairs, as well as the "rustic style" living room furniture that graces many homes, hotels, business offices, and cabins today.


Nesting Farmhouse Coffee Tables

Farmhouse coffee table

Mercana 67843-AB Maddox III (Box A & B) Coffee Table,Brown and Black,  56.0'' L x 115.0'' W x 20.5'' H

Maddox is a series of furniture, when you look at it, you think, "Wow, that is awesome!" Part industrial and part modern, when the solid Indian mango wood, is mounted on the matte black iron frame, it will transform any room it is placed in. This is a set a features 2 pieces that can be used together as nesting tables to compliment each other or separately, if that is what you need.

  • Part industrial and part modern furniture
  • Solid Indian mango wood
  • Brown and Black iron frame


Stacking Farmhouse Coffee Tables

Unique farmhouse coffee table

Mercana 67827 Trifecta (Set of 3) Coffee Table,Walnut and black,  31.0'' L x 37.5'' W x 18.0'' H

These tables surely are the Trifecta of nesting tables. Made from reclaimed Indian mango wood, they have a walnut finish that shows all the character of the grain. They are each mounted into a matte black iron base that curves to a crossed base, that allows each of the tables to nest under the larger one.

  • Nesting tables
  • Indian mango wood
  • Walnut finish and matte black iron base


Farmhouse Coffee Table with Storage

farmhouse coffee table with storage


Mercana 68229 Arreto Coffee Table,walnut brown, 48.0'' L x 0.0'' W x 15.0'' H

The Arreto is a stylish, hexagonal coffee table with a contoured base that is crafted from wood. It features a hinged top with storage underneath for added functionality.

  • Contoured base that is crafted from wood.
  • Features a hinged top with storage
  • Underneath for added functionality.
  • Walnut brown hexagonal coffee table


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